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posted by Steven Listino on August 31st, 2009 at 5:14 PM

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Like a warm argyle or paisley sweater, consumers increased yearning for artisanship, authentic materials and design motivates “Menswear”. Menswear allows for a more traditional use of hues than recently seen such as navy blue, leather-like brown and rich grey.
Texture-like finishes and decorative techniques are also important to this palette. Incorporating herringbone and argyle paint patterns provides a focal point in living and family rooms.
Color Recommendations: Grey, Navy Blue, Brown and Black

“Weather or Not”
Our eco-consciousness continues to expand and “Weather or Not!” glances upward for inspiration. This palette takes a cue from the continually changing skies, provides the homeowner with colors represented by sunrise or sunset resulting in a shift from the more expected botanical hues.
While suitable for all areas of the home, these combinations are an especially good choice for bathrooms, bedrooms and family living spaces.
Color Recommendations: Dusty purple, deep blue, bronze metallic’s and rosy red

“What's in Bloom?”
Consumers increased desire for healthy and sustainable locally grown fruits and vegetables provides bountiful inspiration for “What’s in Bloom?”. Another twist on the “green” movement, this palette is inspired by fresh hues including citrus green, mango and lemon yellow.
Not just for a one-season offering, “What’s in Bloom” also derives inspiration from fresh fall produce such as pumpkin orange and apple red.
“What’s in Bloom” is ripe for use in a child’s bedroom, playroom and kitchens. Use in closets and pantry areas to provide an unanticipated pop of color.
Color Recommendations: Citrus Green, Mango, Apple Red, Lemon Yellow, Pumpkin Orange

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