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▣ Painter for a Day

posted by Steven Listino on November 30th, 2009 at 2:14 PM

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For 2010, Listino Painting is offering a "Painter for Day Program".

This special Program offers homeowners:
the chance to have:
- An efficient, well trained Painting technician,
- Fully equipped Company vehicle - complete with all supplies,
- 8 full hours of Professional Service inside or outside.

What can we do in 8 hours? How about?????

- Freshen up a Bedroom walls and ceilings with the rooms existing colors.
- Touch up woodwork throughout the house.
- Touch up walls and ceilings a various rooms.
Paint the walls or ceiling in a large room.
- Professionally prepare a Room for you to finish paint
- Clean your gutters of leaves and needles.
- Any other related service you would like completed.

All for $475.00!

Feel free to call us at 610.892.9420 to find out more!

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